Volume 11 Marketing | VIRTUAL EVENTS
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Volume 11 wants to help you flourish in these turbulent times in our trade show industry. COVID-19 has left
a void in our industry and leaving many of us saying “What do we do now”? We want to help keep your
trade show program up and running with Volume 11’s Virtual Exhibits.


We have been your trusted partner for face-to-face trade shows and we know they are not going away, however,
we understand at this time we need to keep people safe. Supplementing your trade show program with
Volume 11’s Virtual Exhibits are the best way to keep your audience updated with your latest offerings,
keep all lines of virtual communication open.


Volume 11 has simplified this new virtual landscape by offering three types of virtual exhibits.
RenderExplore, BoothExplore and ImmersivExplore. Each has it’s own benefits, as explained below.



The RenderExplore option allows you to explore a 3d model your exhibit, with “touch points”
throughout that allow your visitor to explore your new offerings, updates, videos,
take them to specific pages on your site, check out data sheets on the same screen.



The BoothExplore option allows you to step inside the booth, and explore the areas of interest.
This feature also has the same ‘touch point’ features as the RenderExplore option, but this option goes
even further. With reports of hotspots (most visited areas/products), info contact forms, the
ability to schedule and host a virtual panel, host virtual meetings AND exhibit tours,
allowing for your sales team to direct the booth experience as needed.



ImmersivExplore is a fully immersive experience allows you to walk through your exhibit,
and see products/areas up close and interact with them. Some of the features with this are contact forms,
fly thru intro videos, videos, downloadable product data sheets, direct links to product pages (on your website),
live chat, live virtual panels, interactive product demos, customer services, downloadable business cards,
analytic reports (all types), visitor tracking, including booth hot spots, and time/length of visit.

As you can see, we’re looking to help you stay in touch and stay ahead of the industry as we still
undergo changes that may be permanent features moving forward. We want to help you create
an experience that engages your audience. With our professional staff and strategic partners,
let us guide you through your virtual event.